Har vi en marknadsekonomi eller en organisationsekonomi?

The economies of modern industrialized society can more appropriately be labeled organizational economies than market economies. Thus, even marketdriven capitalist economies need a theory of organizations as much as they need a theory of markets. The attempts of the new institutional economics to explain organizational behavior solely in terms of agency, asymmetric information, transaction costs, opportunism, and other concepts drawn from neoclassical economics ignore key organizational mechanisms like authority, identification, and coordination, and hence are seriously incomplete.

Och varför är detta viktigt att förstå som nationalekonom? Jo för att som Herbert Simon fortsätter och avslutar sin artikel med:

Good answers to the policy questions that face all industrialized societies depend on having empirically sound theories of the behavior of large organizations. Such theories cannot be developed from the armchair. They call for fact-gathering that will carry researchers deep into the green areas, the organizations, that dominate the terrain of our economic systems.

Herbert Simon



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